Epidemiology SOPs

Submitted by pgmcintosh on Tue, 19/11/2013 – 09:02

  1. Access to Data

    This SOP explains the process a researcher would work through to gain access to anonymised data from SCI-DC and other supporting data sources.

  2. Study Adoption

    In order for a researcher to have access to anonymised linked data from SCI-DC, they must have their request for data linkage approved by the SDRN Epidemiology Studies Group.

    (Appendix 1) Data Extraction Form

  3. Ethical Procedure

    As with the use of any data for research purposes, each hypothesis created by the researcher must be ethically approved by an independent ethics committee.

  4. Caldicott Guardian Approval

    The SDRN office will apply for Caldicott Guardian approval for each analysis once the researcher has gained MREC approval for the study, and the SDRN Epidemiology Studies Group has provided a favourable opinion on the linkage.

    (Appendix 1) Caldicott Guardian Approval Form

  5. Linkage & Anonymisation Procedure

    The anonymisation and linkage procedure adopted seeks to enhance patient privacy and research governance in the construction of linked datasets and conforms to the spirit, as well as the letter, of the Data Protection Act 1998.

  6. Archiving of Linked Data

    It is important for audit and other purposes that analyses can be re-examined or repeated at any time in the future.

  7. Feedback of Clinical Data Anomalies

    When a researcher is examining the linked dataset, he/she may find data which is inconsistent or in error. Researchers are asked to provide feedback to data sources to improve the quality of source.

  8. Authorship of Papers

    This SOP gives a structure for the authorship of papers resulting from ideas discussed within the Group and reflects the intellectual input of individuals within the group.