Portfolio Report 2011


For the fourth consecutive year, we are delighted to report a significant increase in diabetes research activity in Scotland both in terms of number of studies and numbers of participants. After a very modest increase in numbers of academic studies in 2010, 2011 has seen a 28% increase in numbers of studies with many academic studies now being large collaborative efforts which are recruiting right across Scotland. Academic studies have seen an increase of 45% in patient recruitment again as they recruit across multiple sites and Health Boards. After a 38.6% increase in the number of commercial studies in 2010, 2011 has seen a smaller, but still significant, increase of 21% in the numbers of studies. A number of commercial studies have closed in the last year and many are still in the recruitment phase so numbers of patients recruited to these studies fell by 27.5% (there was a 33% increase in recruitment in commercial studies in 2010).