Annual Report 2011

Submitted by pgmcintosh on Tue, 14/06/2011 - 11:07

The 2010 audit of diabetes research activity shows an annual increase for the third consecutive year in both numbers of studies and participants. The increase in numbers of commercial studies is particularly heartening as it is widely reported in the media that the pharmaceutical industry is leaving the UK to carry out its research abroad. Our data shows that this particular statistic is not true for diabetes research in Scotland. The small increase in funding of academic studies probably mirrors charity funding and is reflective of the economic recession.
Participant numbers continue to increase in total, again with a significant increase in the number taking part in commercial trials. This is certainly due to the National Diabetes Research Register and its ability to identify patients for studies with very tight eligibility criteria.

The Scottish Diabetes Research Portfolio continues to grow at a significant rate and remains well-balanced in terms of academic and commercial studies. An increasing number of studies each year are coming through SDRN and it is hoped that this is as a result of the Network being viewed by both Investigators and Sponsors as an efficient way of organising diabetes studies. In conclusion, SDRN does appear to be increasing diabetes research activity across Scotland by developing collaboration across all Health Boards, providing staff training and resources expertise across the speciality and establishing links with

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